Investment Education in Action


Here at Prosperlive, we’re all about delivering that high quality real estate training and education to you that you need to be able to move forward in real estate.

Our wide range of different services is listed below. Our hope is that you’ll be able to find a training and education path that works well with you and your lifestyle.

Education Services

So what is our promise to you? We will ensure that by the time you leave the event, you will be equipped with both the knowledge and the confidence to bring your financial goals within reach. Each of the programs we offer are developed 100% with you, the client, in mind. The knowledge and advice you receive here can help you to achieve great returns on capital at an impressive rate.

Live Training

-Live Introductory Event:
At this FREE event, you will be shown how the current real estate market works in your area and introduced to the real opportunities there are for investors. You will then be shown different strategies and techniques to help you understand how to make the key investment decisions in a range of markets.

-3 Day Workshop:
This training is offered to those who decide to continue their real estate education at the conclusion of the Introductory Event. Those who continue into this workshop receive more in depth training. This will include:

  • Strategies
  • Tips
  • Ongoing education opportunities
  • The latest information on current markets trends

-Boots on the Ground:
This is an advanced training program which focuses specifically on the markets where you choose, demonstrating how to work in real estate in your own areas, and around the country. The sessions include both field and classroom teaching. The training features the very latest techniques on real estate investing.

-The Buying Summit:
The Buying Summit is an event where all of our students can test their skills and apply their new knowledge by buying real assets and conducting deals, along with receiving training from top real estate trainers.

-Diamond Tour:
The Diamond package is a golden opportunity to learn first-hand from real estate professionals by going behind the scenes with property specialists from Buy PD. You will learn how to rehab properties in a competitive market. You will t be given the opportunity to network with investors who share your goals. This helps all the investors signed up for the Diamond Tour to see the full cycle of real estate investment.

-Inner Circle Camp:
Looking to take your experience as an investor to whole new level? Then this is for you! The camp includes a tour through Buy PD headquarters in the mountainous valley of Utah County in Utah where you can take a look behind the scenes at what the investment teams experience every day in providing quality product and customer service.

On Demand Training

-Seller Financing Boot Camp:
With this boot camp, you’ll get the best hands on training from real estate experts who will show you exactly how to conduct a deal from start to finish, how to calculate return rates, sell notes, make sure the buyer is qualified, and even market specifically for seller financing.

-Residential Rentals Boot Camp:
Get away from all distractions and really focus on learning key skills about:

  • Rental contracts
  • The laws governing landlords and tenants
  • How to find and finance deals
  • How to find and qualify tenants

-Quick Cash Boot Camp:
This is your chance to be trained on quick cash strategies and master all of the details on how to execute deals professionally. You will also learn more about:

  • Flipping properties
  • Assigning contracts
  • Single-family units
  • Probates
  • Short sales
  • Foreclosures

-Cash Flow Boot Camp:
Cash flow is central to business success, and this camp includes in-depth classroom training on different lease options, including sandwich leases, commercial properties, and even opportunities on mobile home parks. Real estate experts will share with you their tried and trusted strategies about various cash flow strategies including how you can make meaningful comparisons between immediate cash deals against residual income.

-Rehabbing Boot Camp:
Rehabbing is a growth area of real estate and this fascinating camp will teach you all you need to know about the key skills of due diligence on different real estate purchasing opportunities. The information here is valuable to both those looking to fix n’ flip, and those looking to fix n’ hold.

Home Study Courses

-Real Estate Investor Series:
If attending a seminar is an issue, then this is just for you! Learn the strategies and elements of smart real estate investing using this specially written home study course. Through this series, you’ll be taken in easy steps from the basic to the more advanced strategies available, including how to correctly close deals and determine property values to make better offers. Financing is always a key issue so the series also covers creative financing, hard moneylenders, leasing options, and much more.

Software Tools

-Real Estate Property Pro Software:
You’ve already learned the strategies to succeed in the real estate, now you need the data. This specially designed software allows you to view and then carry out research on properties available in the United States. It also offers in-depth information and background details on the property areas you select, including crime rates and property incomes, via the software’s Community Profile tool.

One-On-One Training

-Inner Circle:
Now imagine that you could have all the benefits of Inner Circle as described above, but with one-to-one sessions to really nail the skills you need! The Inner Circle is our highest level of training, and was created in order to help the most committed students move into investing quickly while avoiding the potential pitfalls. Additional benefits include:

  • One-on-one training on a weekly basis with our top real estate trainers
  • Access to our world-class education available online
  • Access to additional real estate tools that will help you seize opportunities
  • Learn to manage personal transactions, and promote individual services>

This is a personal growth opportunity for you to work individually with real estate trainers who have many years of experience. They will share their skills, acquired through working in different markets, and allow you to learn those techniques and tools which lead to success.

Lending & Investing Resources

The lender we work with is Insider’s Cash, an independent third-party lender of commercial loans. To qualify, you must be an active business entity, such as a corporation or LLC, plus there is a loan limit of no more than $750,000 per property. As is normal in the industry, the approval of any loan is conditional upon the lender’s underwriting and lending requirements.

Insider’s Cash

-Insider’s Cash:
Insider’s Cash, otherwise called ABC or Flip Deals, has the ability to provide you with the funds you need in order to complete your transaction, while being in full compliance with the relevant escrow and lending requirements.

-3-Day Loan:
Our 3-day transaction is fast and immediate. It is perfect for those investors who have their deal ready to close and just prior to taking the loan. How does it work? You use Insider’s Cash funds to purchase the property you plan to flip, then you sell the property to your end buyer within the next day or two, with almost all of the funds being retained by you. Please be aware that in order for Insider’s Cash to sell the funds for your purchase, the money from your end buyer must be in trust with the title company first. This loan plan is recommended only for those transactions that are quick and immediate.

-3-Month Loans:
As not all deals can take place within a 72-hour period, Insider’s Cash also provides a 3-month loan program that provides investors with easy transactional funding to help you manage your cash flow. Any deals that require a little more time or rehab work, or properties that have a longer marketing time, are ideal for a 3-month loan.

-3-Year Loans:
Insider’s Cash also understands how important it is for you as a real estate investor to get competitive financing from banks at the lowest possible rate. This is one of the deciding factors as to how much profit your business makes on the properties you either do or intend to hold. With that understanding, Insider Cash’s 3-year loan offers this longer- term financing package.
Working with them to finance your current properties, or even future assets, the amount of working capital belonging to you doubles, which in turn helps to increase your cash flow, property appreciation, and opportunities available on the property for tax deductions.

-Property Analysis:
Insider’s Cash provides a Property Analysis tool that investors can use to aid in determining financial opportunity regarding real estate properties, including a property’s estimated value. Some of the largest investors in the world use these same data sources, so you can be sure you are getting the very best information you need to make wise investment decisions.

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-Veil Corporate teaches concepts about asset protection, and provides business entity filing services. One problem with building a successful business in real estate is that there will be competitors trying to bring you down. Veil will help safeguard you by putting effective barriers in place to protect both personal and professional assets, making sure what matters most to you is in good hands.
Veil Corporate

Safeguard Business Advantage

Safeguard Business Advantage have all of the entrepreneurial services you need in one place. To enable you to make the best use of your valuable time, Safeguard has assembled a team of experts on all the areas of business management. From asset protection, to phone consultations and bookkeeping, Safeguard Business Advantage provides an array of different services that allow you to see opportunities where others only see challenges.
Safeguard Business Advantage

Investment Assets

We strive to help people get involved in real estate investing and build their personal portfolios by working with real properties. We’ve designed our system to maximize business opportunities, and are confident that it can help you gain possession of high quality real estate that will help to increase your cash flow.

Investment Grade Real Estate Investments

Buy PD is a company that specializes in providing quality real estate to their clients. They deal with several assets in multiple areas of real estate, but their number one priority is the clients they work with. Among the other assets that they provide include:
-Single Family Homes:
These are often most beneficial as part of a long-term investment plan, and are recommended for those clients who are seeking to generate monthly cash flow. Our expert trainers will instruct you in this area of investment showing you how to interact with property managers so you’re able to manage properties successfully anywhere in the country.
Holding, flipping, developing, or other strategies involved with land investment – Buy PD offers you multiple options to benefit from property value in the United States as they continue to rebound. Even those lots ready for building with nothing currently in place are a great investment opportunity.
-Trust Deeds:
The loans offered by BuyPD are different than those offered by a bank. With bank loans, it’s the bank that is paid the interest; but when you buy loans from BuyPD, it’s the investor that collects that interest.