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About Prosperlive Why we do what we do.


Real Estate Deals

Finding good deals in real estate is possible…We can show you how.

Over the years we have taught over 1 million students about real estate. A big part of that education is finding good deals. Click the link below to see some of the properties we’ve found as an example of what we do.

Education Services

What can you expect from Prosper Live?

Prosper Live provides a variety of in depth trainings and service to fit every level of real estate investor. With near perfect satisfaction ratings from students, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a world class investment education. Find out more!

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Discover the secrets to investment strategies.

Are you interested in strengthening your retirement, looking to augment your current income, want to secure funding for up to $750,000? Then one of our upcoming may be right for you. Click the link to sign up today.


We have successful Students all over the world. Part of our commitment to our students is that we succeed when they succeed. That means we want you to go out and invest in real estate. We are pleased that many of our students have completed deals all over the country. Come see who, in your area, is buying real estate assets as an investment.


There are many voices in the market Just like in any industry, we have competitors. We are confident that we shine above the rest, and our students think so too. Find out why.


Do you need to get a hold of us? Great! We’d love to hear from you. Click on this link to get a hold of us.

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